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MarineMarks custom replacement instrument and dash panels
Make your boat look like new.....

Or Better!

MarineMarks specializes in replacement instrument, dash, radio, and switch panels for your boat.  We use your original instrument and dash panels and state of the art technology to turn your old, worn out panels in to digital files, which are cut out by a  high-tech Computer Numeric Control [CNC] Router.  The CNC then cuts a replacement for your panels from your choice of acrylic or aluminum sheet of the proper thickness and creates a replacement accurate to 1/1000 of an inch!  The newly created panels are checked against your panels, edged, and sent to a special UV Printer.  The printer was specially designed and it's inks are guaranteed not to fade for many years.  It also has the ability to use many colors, patterns, borders, or images you desire for your replacement dash panels.  See below and the product page for examples of what we can do for you!

Many special options are available as well.  A small sample:
Back-lit lettering
Instrument Re-Location
Instrument [cutout] Removal
Carbon Fiber Pattern

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Add Backlighhting, Repair your Existing Backlighting, or Change Backlighting Colors with our

Backlight Tape Kits

MarineMarks can closely approximate the color of your existing dash panels, or create your new panels in virtually any color or texture imaginable!

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We can make your panels in any of the thousands of colors in the Pantone color system.
We also can add borders etc.
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A Few Textures
We can create your dash panels with any texture or pattern you desire.
Burl Wood, Carbon Fiber, and Brushed Metal and more!

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Check Out Our Stunning Results!

Before                   Installed                        After

           Before                            After

And here are some images of raw panels, before and after. 
Notice how cracked and faded the before panels are,
that is exactly how they were received!

If you are tired of looking at tired looking cracked, faded dash panels.....
Look no further!

Product Page


Before Panels
Click the image for a super-sized version!


After Panels
Click the image for a super-sized version!
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