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Here at MarineMarks, we can make:

          ANY replacement flat dash panel
          ANY size
          ANY shape
          ANY color
          ANY pattern
          ANY arrangement of instruments & switches

We offer both acrylic and aluminum panels, in several different thicknesses.

We can replicate any factory labeling, as well as add or change any labeling or fonts you may require.

We can set up only acrylic panels for backlighting [no aluminum], if your factory dash was backlit.
We can also create new panels suitable for backlighting, but the customer must provide light, power etc. upon installation.

As you can see, we can make virtually ANY thing you can imagine, from simple replacement factory style dash panels to replace the worn-out originals to custom printed full color super strength aluminum panels and anything in between. 

Below you can browse through just SOME of the potential colors and finishes we offer.

Request A Quote and see what we can make for you!

Our Order Process is as follows:
Use the quote request form to let us know what we can make for you
You will be contacted within 24 hours MAXIMUM
We will discuss options, materials, colors etc. and deliver a quote.
If we have templates for your boat in our library construction of
your new panels begins immediately upon receipt of payment.
We will notify you if we do not have your boat in our library.  If we do not,
Once you accept the quote your old panels, minus instruments need to be shipped to us.
Payment in the form of a check may be inclosed, and we accept all major credit cards.
As all orders are 100% custom, turnaround time varies.
Once your old panels arrive, we usually begin the production process within 24 hours
And have your replacements done within 10 - 21  business days.
Both your old panels and new replacements will be returned to you by request

Solid Colors

At MarineMarks, we are proud to offer ANY color in the Pantone color system.

When you are through, close the window to return to MarineMarks.

Click Here if you would like to see a partial chart of pantone colors along with color request numbers.
When you are through, close the window to return to MarineMarks.

  You've seen this picture before, on our homepage.
  It's a small example of just SOME of the textures and 
  patterns we can use on your new custom
  instrument panels. 

  As you can see, we offer a variety of wood grain,
  carbon fiber, burl and metal textures.

  Have something in mind that you don't see?

  We can make almost ANYTHING you desire!

  Just use the Contact Us page to inquire!

Interested Yet?
Request a Quote!

Interested Yet?
Request a Quote!

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